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Contact Information

Name:† Keith Williams

Id. No.:† FE2836

Institution:† SCI Somerset

Address:† 1600 Walters Mill Road

City:† Somerset

State/Zip Code:† PA 15510-0001

Personal Data

Birthday:† July 1, 1980

Incarcerated Since:† Not Provided

Hometown:† Philadelphia

Home State:† PA

Earliest Release:† Not Provided

Latest Release:† Not Provided

Would like a Pen Pal who is:

Female-X†††††† Male††††††††† Either

Between the ages of:† 30ó40


Poetry and Weight Lifting

Other Interest:†

Interracial Dating and Coming Home Soon

Start Date:† 12/11/2008

End Date:† 12/10/2009


Hello potential friend, my nameís Keith a.k.a. Jihad.† I am in search of an open minded female pen pal between the ages of 30 and 40; someone who has experience and understands the true meaning of companionship.† I enjoy writing letters, listening to music, contact sports; I like animals, children (I LOVE KIDS) and being around peaceful people.† Right now Iím focusing on returning back to society and doing something productive.† Lifeís too precious to be wasted in prison, especially when youíre a person with talents.† The unfortunate part about my story is the fact that Iím actually one of very few prisoners who are truly innocent.† But Iíve learned not to dwell on the past.† Iím just grateful to be returning home soon.† Please be sure to clearly print my entire nameóKeith Williams and ID No.: FE 2836, on envelope when mailing letters to me at the Institutionís address.† Peace.