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Text Box: Does Inside Out Connections.com match me with a prison pen pal?  No, Inside Out Connections.com sole involvement is to provide a space for prisoners to post requests for pen pals.  You must search the site to find someone with whom you would like to correspond.
Can anyone write to the prisoners on your site?  Anyone who is 18 years old or older can write as long as they meet the guidelines of the facility.  We suggest visiting the institutionís website to review those guidelines.
Do I have to include the prisonerís Id. Number on the envelope?  Yes, this Id number is issued by the controlling agency for each prisoner and is required in order for them to receive their mail.
Am I allowed to send my pen pal anything other than letters?  Policy is different from state to state and within the federal system.  Again, we advise that you visit the institutionís website to review the guidelines.
I want to write a prisoner, but I donít want to give out my home address.  Will Inside Out Connections forward the letter for me?  No, we only provide a way for prisoners to request pen pals.  If you want to write a prisoner and not give out your home address, we suggest that you get a PO Box address and use that.
Are the letters I send to my pen pal read by prison officials?  Policy is for all mail received at institutions to be opened and inspected (but not necessarily read) for security reasons.
I wrote a pen pal but the letter came back saying that the prisoner was transferred.  Can you get the new address?  When a prisoner is transferred, he or she is responsible for notifying us of the address change, and we update the webpage once we receive the new institution information.

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