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Thank you for seeking your Prison Pen Pal from Inside-Out-Connections.com.   We are here to connect you with United States based incarcerated participants who would like Pen Pal communications.  Neither Inside-Out-Connections.com, its parent company, Inside Out Enterprises, nor any of its associates have investigated the truth or accuracy of any statement posted by prisoners seeking pen pals on this site, therefore, we accept no responsibility for statements made in individual postings. We fervently recommend that you use appropriate safeguards in your communications with the individuals you meet through our service. 

By using this site, and/or responding to any posting on this site, you agree to hold Inside-Out-Connections.com, its owners, employees, associates, agents, and related components blameless from any costs, liabilities, damages, and attorneys fees resulting from, or caused by, any correspondence ensued from said postings.  Inside-Out-Connections.com is not the publishers of the information on the postings, we only provide the space for the prisoners to publish their requests for pen pals.  Please see our FAQs page for more information.  By entering this site you are acknowledging that you have read and agree with our disclaimer.  To find a Prison Pen Pal,  just click on the “Prison Pen Pal by State” link above and chose a state.

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